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Most Computers ever beaten?

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    Dendi Pudge

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Posted 21 March 2012 - 02:08 AM

What is the most computers ever beaten by a player at the highest difficulty?

I have beaten 1vs4 insane Terrans on Lava Flow using Island Cheese and about 5 hours of Ravens micro.

I beat 1vs2 very had and 1vs2 insane Terrans on Elysium 3 player map.

But there is no achievement for this. I was shocked to discover there is no achievement for 1vs4 insane...I guess they didn't expect it to be possible

I have beaten 1vs 3 Very Hard Zergs and 1vs 2 insane Zergs on Lost Temple as Terran, and 1vs3 insane Zergs as Protoss on Delta Quadrant. This took about 10 attempts.

I also beat 1 Terran vs 4 very hard Zergs on the BGH map with no cheese, but that doesn't count because its a money map and not a melee game.

I noticed that using the "custom" setting you can theoretically set up 1vs 5 insane computers.

Has anyone ever won 1vs 5 insane computers?

Who else has won 1vs 4 insanes?

I am not talking about ffa.

I mean 1 vs X computers on the same team allied against you, like the "outmatched" achievements....

Yes, this is very hard and borderline impossible, but I did manage to win 1vs 4 insane Terrans...although the stalemate warning went off a few times during the game while I was trying to figure out how to finish off ther remaining ~500 marines, Marauders and Vikings when they ran out of gas... They ran out of gas at about the 1:30 mark, and it took another 4 hours for me to wear them down and finish them off, becaue I was out of minerals and could not build anything or repair my Ravens.... And yes, the Ravens are required because of the autoturrets, as you rmissile turrets will all get destroyed and you will NOT have enough money to rebuild them often enough during about 50 minutes to 1:30 time period. It's constantly respawning autoturrets and defense drones to defend the base against the swarms of enemies.

Anyway, I told eveyrone how to do it if they didn't already kjnow.

So has anyone ever won 1vs 5 insane using the "custom" setting?

PS, I'm pretty sure 1vs 2 insane protoss is impossible without cheesing, and 1v3 and 1vs4 insane protoss is definitely impossible. Even if you survive against the Immortals, you can't stop the void rays and Carriers...even with island cheese.
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#2 craftmatic2


    Dendi Pudge

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Posted 21 March 2012 - 07:01 PM

Oh well, I guess people read this but have no comment.

I am going to try 5 insane computers on Lava Flow.

I have a theory that 5 insanes might actually be easier than 4 insanes, assuming I can survive the first two waves of attacks, due to mathematical limitations in the resources the computers can collect.

It works like this:

Since the fifth computer starts with a base and is likely to expand two or three times, this means some of the other computers get fewer expands. This means each of the other computers will be able to make fewer Ravens and Battlecruisers, which are the two real problem units in the entire mid and late game of the challenge.

Additionally, since the fifth computer will also likely "waste" a lot of it's resources, especially gas, on Dropships, Vikings, Tanks, Ghosts, Marauders, and buildings, then that means it is likely to make only a few battlecruisers during the entire game...that is, unless I'm really unlucky and it does the 2 starport BC rush build.

Stopping a wave of 30BCs with Yamato, using nothing but a turret wall and 30 Ravens and like 6 vikings was NOT easy...

In the 1vs4 insanes, the computers ran out of gas way before minerals, and they kept making marines with the banked minerals (40,000 each) for several hours afterwards, which is why it was so hard to finish them off. I killed over 5,000 terran units in that game and made over 900 structures....

There should also be fewer missile turrets and planetary fortresses, since the computers tend to make turrets and planetary fortresses on their 4th expansions onward...sometimes on the third...So there should be two or three fewer planetary fortresses, and probably 6 to 10 fewer missile turrets to destroy.

Either way, I think the math favors the idea that I'll have to fight fewer BCs and Ravens in a 1vs5 insane than was done in the 1vs 4 insane, which should actually make it easier, since most of the other units are not a threat anyway...

Problem is, I don't think I can survive the first two waves. I only just barely survive the first two waves in 1vs4 on the two attempts I lived, and even then it was as much luck as anything.

And finally, I could get screwed anyway. In "custom" mode, which is the only way I could set up a 1vs5, you have to find and kill EVERY unit, not just buildings, to eliminate a player. That could be a very big problem on such a large map.
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