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Unable to watch replay anymore

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#1 artest


    Full-Team Black Hole

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Posted 14 September 2011 - 03:00 PM

Why is that I can't watch replay anymore? i have all the maps, the map directories for the replay is correct, the correct version is used, but still, it shows there is no map file, why is that happening? now the old replay that i've used to is unable to open anymore, any1 face the same issue like me?

edit: it's dota btw
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#2 TehLamz0r


    Repick Meepo

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Posted 15 September 2011 - 10:34 AM

It might be a problem with file permissions, who knows? If I were you, I'd try a fresh reinstall. Not sure what good that would do though. A good idea is to install Warcraft3 somewhere where file permissions aren't that strict (I'm talking about C:\Program Files).

Also, look at the directory pointed by the replay file. If it sais Maps\Dota 6.72f.w3x, then that's where it should be. Not Maps\Download\Dota 6.72f.w3x. Know what I mean?
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