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Dota 2 Captain Seat

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#1 Cordimix


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Posted 12 September 2011 - 07:32 AM

This is a suggestion that i feel is needed in dota 2:

-->both teams should have 1 more slot (5+1) reserved for team captains
-->as a captain you should have acces to your respective team info when your in that slot
-->captain UI should be different from normal UI, not as detailed as the spectator side but still some added information should be present

(note:captains will only benefit from their team vision and will not control heroes)

-->i strongly wish that IceFrog will implement the ideea in Dota 2
-->what benefits would it bring?
----->1)better and more organized teams overall (not everyone has the luxury of meating at a net caffe)
----->2)verry useful for anyone wishing to couch newbies directly in game, offering them advices during game(it will basically allow players to teach other players, overall improving the gameplay)
----->3)other bonuses might show themselves after a perioud of time (less flaming? maybe)

Personal feallings:
--->please keep this thread alive as much as possible so that we can bring this ideea across to IceFrog and let him see that it would improve the Dota community in many ways
--->please post your comments of what you think this new feature would bring to the Dota world

To simplify things post your feedback on the following
-->this idea should be implemented only as an added feature that can be used on non ladder type games (no tournaments, just for training reasons)
-->this idea should be implemented at the pro level

(note:thanks and be on topic as much as possible)

Adding your feedback:

----Gosu feedback----

----Other forums feedback----
-->"this feature should be either limited to custom/pub games or both teams having such observer/captain/coach." (by Maand)
-->"I don't think the players should be relieved from their responsiblity" (by Chairraider)
-->"I'd like captains to not be playing, only coordinating (5+1), like the navigators in racing and the pace setters in rowing. It would improve teamplay drastically, because they would have so much better analysis." (by figq)
-->"We would see higher quality games with this suggestion, yet it would also raise the roof for teams by increasing needed amount of people by 1." (by Yurie)
-->"One thing that could happen is some teams having a coach, while others don't. In this case, an ingame coach would be an imbalance." (by shostakovich)
-->"Even though it will result better game plays with teamwork and strategy, separating pub scene and pro scene is not the direction you want to apply for ESPORT in general." (by NB)
-->"Coaches/managers are for preparing players for different situations, it's the player's job to use that preparation and knowledge and apply it to what they see in-game." (by ak1knight)
-->"..it looks good on paper, horrible in application." (by Judicator)
-->"..if you are a capable in-game leader, you don't need the captains seat." (by Judicator)
-->"..it'll cause a huge community outrage.." (by XnG_777)
-->"..it could be a separate 6v6 (5+1 vs 5+1) queue." (by GogoKodo)
-->"I think it is fine as long as host allows it.(meaning it's optional when hosting)" (by Aruno)
-->"..having a coach is a luxury. It doesn't add depth to the game or makes it more balanced." (by shostakovich)
-->"Something similar is already used in competitive FPS, but for Dota it's better with UI." (by figq)
-->"I'd be much more impressed by a team of five communicating well together" (by Mazer)
-->"TL wont be where it is today if the community is full of negativity as DotA. Look at the sc2 thread and see how many free coaching offers are there?" (by NB)
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#2 hanez



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Posted 13 September 2011 - 01:19 PM

more like "manager seat" since captains should be playing, while managers should be watching.
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#3 Mr.Jas


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Posted 14 September 2011 - 03:47 AM

yeah, i feel that while this would all be useful, the captain cacnt really be analyzing all this while playing at the same time. perhaps more obs spots for managers and commentators?
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