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Interview with Ehome.71 after gamescom

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Posted 29 August 2011 - 08:59 AM


My Engish sucks,cant translate for you...
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Posted 29 August 2011 - 09:01 AM

so some1 translate it and put the english text here = tnx
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Posted 29 August 2011 - 10:04 AM


This is his third runner-up placing for this year. He felt that it's a satisfying result and hope the public can accept it peacefully. Before the interview began, he like to thank maelk and demon for providing advice on how to ban in certain matches.


He mention that gamecom is a successful tournament, scale-wise and quality-wise, he felt that it was above CHINAJOY


This question asked if they have met their expectations for this tournament. He answered that they do not have a target or position in mind when entering the tournament. He reasoned with the two statements. One, they rarely match up against european teams and unaware of how it might turn out to be. Secondly, their winning rate against asian teams weren't that high therefore they hoping to at least win something from this tournament and not return empty handed. it's only after the third day of the tournament then they realised they could achieve more than what they expected and started to make some bold adjustment to their team and he is satisfied with the adjustment. He is disappointment that he lost to NAVI but he have to admit that they are really strong and he felt that ehome don't have the ability to be "european-terminator"

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Posted 29 August 2011 - 10:11 AM

Mealk and Demon
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Posted 29 August 2011 - 10:21 AM

Thanks for the translation..
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Posted 29 August 2011 - 10:31 AM

Cool , linking us a shit we can't actually read?Whats the point anyway?All i see is "ti ko yo hui q mi e golqm kolkoto klechka za zubi yo ko hoy"
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Posted 29 August 2011 - 11:07 AM

#5 just use google translator and do the maths... Stop being so ridiculous ungrateful
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Posted 29 August 2011 - 11:13 AM

Moved to the Dota 2 forum
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Posted 29 August 2011 - 11:28 AM

Page 1

Q: Hello 71, congratulations on EHOME getting second place in the Dota2 tournament. Give us a few words!
71: This is already the third second place this year, and even though it's good, it's obviously not good enough, but I hope everyone can accept this. I'd like to start off by thanking EHOME's friends Maelk and Demon for giving us suggestions about bans in some matches.

Q: When you took the team to compete in Cologne, you must have seen many things, any thoughts?
71: The Dota2 competition only took up a very small portion of the Gamescom event space. The entire expo had about 12 to 14 pavilions, and we only took up about one eighth of pavilion number 7. We didn't actually have time to wander around, but the parts we were able to experience was an extravagant and outstanding party. When we talk about it, we all think it's even larger and better than CHINAJOY (probably a Chinese gaming expo).

Q: How do you think EHOME performed in this Dota2 tournament and what do you think about the result? Did it meet your expectations?
71: Before participating in this tournament, EHOME didn't even set any results, firstly because we've never played against any of the European teams, secondly because our win rate against Asian teams wasn't high, so before we left we thought it would be acceptable just to walk away with some prize money. However, as DAI said, we want more depending on our position. When we finished the third day's games, we realised we could have done better, so we made some changes. We are definitely satisfied with the result, just a little sad we lost to NA'VI, but they really are very strong, or in other words, EHOME's participating team this time around was not able to topple a European giant.

Q: EHOME didn't get very good results in Dota events in the first half of 2011, and even apologised to fans on microblog, and there also seems to be some problems with team members fitting together, but were able to perform outstandingly in this Dota2 tournament, why is that?
71: A clear goal, a positive attitude, and crazy amounts of practice. After the event I realised that EHOME is probably the only team who practiced over 16 hours a day to prepare for this tournament. Frankly, our drawing for the groups was also pretty good, winning every game in the groupstage built up everyone's confidence, and this is probably very important. After losing day 3's match, we realised we were too cautious, I knew that if we wanted good results we needed to improve during the tournament, we needed to remove our restraints and fight, and when eveyone in the team realises this, we only needed to put this into practice.

Q: I heard that after the game, NA'VI said that you robbed them of 100k at ESWC, so this time was revenge. Is it really so? Competition seems very fierce!
71: Maybe it was like this, we also heard interviewers say similar things on VODs after the tournament. Competitive events are like this, there is always rivalry involved, the Europeans were shouting loudly even before the games, talking to each other in the lobby to increase pressure for the opponent, 357 typed "ESWC", one of NA'VI's members typed "WDC".

Q: The couple of days at the Cologne event, all Dotaers were cheering on this side of the stream for Chinese teams, EHOME's run and was able to achieve pretty good results, is there anything you want to say to fans at this moment?
71: To fans? Sigh, we've already apologised for half a year, doesn't matter what we say, but we are still very sorry, many overseas Chinese students travelled 6-8 hours by train to come watch the event every day, and would definitely find it regrettable that we were not able to defeat the Europeans, brothers, this time we really tried, but NA'VI really played very well.

Q: During the Dota2 tournament, every player was discussing. Chinese teams can be said to have been under large expectations. Through this tournament what gap do you think there is between us and the foreign teams?
71: Oh I think that European teams were outstanding, NA'VI, MYM, OK.int, there is reason to believe that they can perform very well in Dota1, the currently Chinese players are a bit like the 2009, 2010 Europrean players, using history to look at rankings, I can't say who's the best team, maybe WDC and ESWC can give us the answer. Also, I cannot help but mention the SEA teams, MUFC's improvement during the tournament was unbelievable, Trust beat EHOME in training matches with 7 different lineups, even though they were not as well rounded or as experienced as we thought during the tournament, but this is already enough for us to respect them.

Q: Can you also tell us how the $250k USD is distributed?
71: The prizemoney will probably be distributed this week, the boss tells me the German tax rate is at 54%, I hope I will be surprised that it is not that high. How the club distributes to the team is naturally a secret.

Q: There are many games similar to Dota on the market, eg. LoL, TYJ, but Dota2 is pretty much the sequel to Dota, I guess you've also seem quite a lot of games, do you think Dota2 will quickly be accepted by Chinese players?
71: I don't know whether it is because EHOME participated in the Dota2 tournament, or whether it is because the way the Germans managed the event really moved us, but I personally think Dota2 will be very well accepted by Chinese players. Dai also said this is a pretty good game, just don't bear the delay and train with foreigners.
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Posted 29 August 2011 - 11:33 AM


He was asked of his team poor performance for dota this year and why are they performing well for dota2 compy. His reply was that they had a clear goal this time, positive attitude and intense training. They were training for minimally of 16 hours per day. Frankly speaking, he was lucky to be allocated to a group that allowed his team to pick up straight wins. With that, it boosted their team morale greatly. On the third day which lost their first game, they felt that their play was too conservative and felt that a bolder strategy is needed for the latter part of the competitive and decided to go all in, and this was a team decision.


this question is about revenge and stuff, about navi seeking revenge for losing to ehome during eswc.


What he had to say to his fans. He felt sorry for the poor performance and they have been apologizing for the past 6 months. Many china students actually took 6-8 hours of train everyday to watch the competition and he's apologetic about the loss. They had done their best, not to mention NAVI played really well.

  EHOME.71:哦, 我认为欧洲的队伍真的很出色,Na'vi、MYM、OK.int,有理由认为他们在dota1里也可以做的很好,现在的国内玩家有点像2009年、10年 的欧洲人,用历史的眼光看地位,我不确定谁是最好的队伍,也许WDC和ESWC会给出答案。另外不得不提起东南亚的队伍,MUFC在比赛里的进步让人大跌眼镜;Trust在训练赛里曾经变换7次阵容完胜EHOME.,虽然在比赛中他们没有想象中的全面和经验丰富,但这已足以让人为之起敬。

Asked about the difference between the teams. He said european teams were impressive, especially MYM, Navi and Ok.Int. He thinks the team will be doing very in dota1 too. He felt that china domestic team are like european teams of 2009 and 2010 that view the world based on their past results. He is unsure who is the best team atm, hopefully they can find the answer during WDC and ESWC. He said south east asia team are also getting better, spectacular performance from MUFC and Trust alternating their formation 7 times, beating Ehome.


Now about the prize distribution. Money will be banked in around this week and his boss said that germany tax is around 54% and he hope this aint true. As for the internal distribution, he will not be revealing it.

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