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Posted 15 November 2007 - 08:50 PM

is it possible to get hacked in a channle lobby. i cannot connect to b.net, every time i select "ok" to connect to us-east it says loading account info then it returns me to the multiplayer screen. before this happend i was in a channle called clan scn just hanging , then some douchbag named zack something joind and said i own u all, then a bunch of ppl named THuG-clan#1 and so on kept joining. then all of a sudden i was kicked from the room. when i trid to rejoin it said cnallne is resticted. a few seconds later it said connection to b.net was lost please try again. did anething like this ever happen before or dose someone know what to do pls help. ps after i was kicked it redirected me to a channle called the Void i forgot to put that
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