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About GG-loggo, design and Tshirt

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#1 jim_swe


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Posted 13 September 2007 - 05:14 PM

Just some thoughts i want to share, wich i held inside me for a long time:

1. First off i think a loggo should be designed in a way that can be related to whatever the purpouse behind is. In other words, it should point out more to gaming in this case. If i saw the current GG loggo on the street i should be able to figure out what it's all about. And in this case i can't say i do. Or atleast see that it in someway relates to something sci-fi, techy game thing (hard to explain, yes..). A suggestion of how need to think when you create a loggo could be: What's the most common word used associated to starcraft. warcraft, dota and so on? Well... Lost Temple, harrass, gosu, hasu, Boxer, Yellow, Nada, The hunters (xD).. You get my point? And somehow make a loggo that reflects to it and have it so players and non-players can relate to.

Now its just two G's merged together.. I sureely belive its alot of thoughts behind it but for people who was not there when they created it wont have a clue whats it's about.. If it was in a Starcraftish font, i would like it better...

2. About the t-shirt. Why did you pick baby-blue as colour? I see from the site lightblue is the main theme, its nice to watch doesn't hurt your eyes etc. etc. but putting it on a t-shirt makes no sence at all (if that was the reason why).

I preferly think the old t-shirt colours black/grey with the green SCV/Probe/Drone on was much nicer. And if you overall look what t-shirt colours sells the most? Light(baby)blue sure aint one of the first in top 10. Rather black, white, red, grey, darkblue.. And the neck of the t-shirt have to go.. Its to thick.. and big.. if you look at ILOVEOOV in the add his under-shirt makes the GG-shirt look like it hangs on him like a tent.

Allso yet again here we have the loggo.. Wich i explaind why i didn't like. By making a t-shirt that speaks directly to starcraft and maybe get permission to print some sponsors on it allso. The sponsor prints makes it look more "pro" in my oppinion.. 1. It would sell more and 2. Hopefully you can get some money from the sponsors wich are printed on it.

3. Site design:

Thing is when i look at the frames, buttons, tablatures colurs.. I dont think starcraft/warcraft.. It's just blank in my mind.. I think even the rest of the site needs to communicate "gaming", "starcraft", "warcraft" or whatever section you are in... The games we play are clearly sci-fi / fantasy. And the site, should allso be about it, not in a plottery way, just clean style sci-fi /fantasy.. And im not speaking about the fonts or anything.. Gez, its hard to explain hope you see what i mean..

Need to go home from work now, im 13 min over time.. I will update this soon with more suggestions.

Allso i dont have time to correct all my spelling/grammar now so..yeah. Soon..
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#2 Mazor



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Posted 13 November 2007 - 09:15 AM

Thanks bro.

1. The logo. I partly agree. But then again do you connect Sony Ericsson's logo with cellphones? Or Nokias? What's Google's logo about? Apple's? Microsoft's?

I know those are majors. But it's just an example. You are right in a sense though.

2. The color was not the best one and was actually not the one we desired. The t-shirt company picked too light blue. And the most recent time they were a little too darkish. I dont know if you've seen that batch of shirts. Next time will be grayish, surely.

3. You're right. An SC2 skin is coming that'll be looking good and sci-fi-ish.
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#3 jim_swe


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Posted 20 November 2007 - 03:02 PM

Well Google's loggo is "Google".. I't kinda says what it is. About Sony Ericsson, yeah agree, and i think they have a bad loggo, the hard surface ball with soft green yelly thing inside, must be something they came upp with during the merge with Sony to become "hip" and "new". I accualy like the idéa of the old "Ericsson" loggo better, clean.

Apples? It's an apple. Doesn't say much about what they are doing tho. They rely on that people allready know what it is and what there all about i belive. After some reasearch i found out the orginally they came up with the apple from Isac Newton, when he stands under the tree. So its a kind of symbol that could be connected to newthinking.

2. Cool i would love to see t-shirts with better fit and coulor ;)!

3. Looking forward to the skin!!!
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