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There are no such thing I can't still believe my drop

Not the game but total crap) I had really bad game with few badasses!.. In was out of my own spirits! I changed teammates few times) During one of those game I've noticed gloves crimson weave was wearing by one of users... Humph where has he win it. I asked him per chat where has he win it! "Win on Opencsgo", - he said)! I have opened couple of boxes!.. In fact, I got from boxes few cool skin but I spent more than got. But the gloves of that noob teased me well! A couple days I was thinking where can I get top gloves) Case buying web-store?

I was studying special web-sites and thought "to spin or not to spin"! I'd a couple doubts and spent some hrs nervous... As I was studying where to open I were reading many reviews telling there are top spins on Open CSGO... Thus, I had few hedges near "drop or not":) Nevertheless, I determine upon a course of action to payment and to spin boxes:) I made a dep with $50) AlSo, I used the promo code 679833 that gives 10% to the deposit! After all, I deposit per gift card and paid via Merchant! After all I've got 55usd to my account:) I'm apologize, many text, hope you willunderstand) After that, I started to choose the case) I am sure it's better to buy cheep case many times than an expensive one but a several... I have chosen the case with start at $12.55 and now costs $4.50) At least I could open it NEAR 10 times... I catch nice M4A1-S Mecha Industries among all others:) Next within a of spins I've got Glock Wasteland Rebel) And all grabbed models I sold first to go... After that, I'd more cash to spin again and again) Than I spun again and got AK-47 Fire Serpent and sold it for 140$!

Now I had about 160usd:) Then I chose more expensive Fade box. Don't you forget my own goal was gloves) Flip Knife Marble Fade was my own reward after 8-10 spins:) In fact, after that of it I've got $ 310!.. And only after this all I decided to spin box with gloves only) Even if I win nothing I could keep my 50 $ on! This box costs 240usd... And my plan or the pray worked!.. And, I blessed my next drop and pushed "spin box" button:) Now I have Gloves crimson weave:) I don't know what was it: luckiness, calculation or a miracle but I've 50 usd on balance and awesome gloves... As I said I can not still believe it:)
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    Markcsgo Markcsgo   at 19 October 2017 09:15
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