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premium account subscription is truthly good feature to win skins

Couple of days ago I watched the video how 1 man opened boxes on I haven't seen recently such good openings in such short time! The man who purchase boxes had an VIP status... And he made cool spins there even knife was among his wins!I noticed there is VIP status available and steel ignored it then. And how wrong I was) I was very jealous about his success and steel also I was glad I saw it! Right now I do understand how many great openings I've lost without premium account subscription)Straight after watching I opened Open CSGO to study everything about the premium status) There are 3 types of them...

U can register basic, expert and premium accounts... U can find out what preferences has VIP account, either:) I have chosen premium that's the best of them) There was written there are really great things giving like premium giveaway, access to VIP account cases and 6% better drop... So I subscribe VIP account it and begun to choose MY OWN box.

Exploring premium status cases was the 1st I did after purchasing VIP account:) And there are many good and profitable models in each offer!.. After I had filled my own balance I've chosen that case with Jack to buy. And it was yummy, the 3rd spin drops Desert Eagle Hand cannon for near $ 45... The VIP status drops me my 1st great drop.

After that I wanted to try more expensive box) The Raider was my ongoing box to buy! I could spin it only 3 times but I was sure in profit:) I have got Falchion Knife Boreal Forest for near $60! I choose to spend money in this offer for few more openings! Thus, after the next spin I catch M9 Bayonet Crimson Web:) And then I choose to stop) It's very important to quit while 1 be ahead.
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