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Lore item I earn herein

In these days I was playing CS GO rare! I see that a real item-fever has start in the world. Almost all free time I devoted to skinhunting! There were some top models in my own inventory which I decided to sell... I used this site sometimes recently and was unexpected by some nice drops! https://opencsgo.com/ particular web-service gave me the best profit that I even did not believe to win:) These days I decided to pen cases there again and got two Lores)

I saw an ad that told there are one more Lore item in every case and a case with many Lores) Thus, I filled my own balance with 100 $!.. Thereafter I start to look for my magic box... I was opening near 20 cases and had NOTHING.

Thereafter I've selected one offer only to open:) I was on the edge already. After few dropps I earn Flip knife Lore from Ultraviolet offer:) Then I decided to buy Catch Lore box! That day it was my first cool win!.. First 10-11 spins were not good and I got less than I paid!.. I start to be nervous again. And then I win StatTrakā„¢ M9 Bayonet Lore for near $ 1000! So this case spining made me rich with 2 Lores knives. I can exchange or sell them:)
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