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I've win M4A4 Howl at Dreamhack Malmo


The last Dream Hack I mean Malmo I was waiting impatiently :) This time, I mean Dreamhack, I made a bet and was sure that Gambit will win!.. The results of Malmo made distressed! But they won a cool championship...

G2 Esports is not my own preferred team... During the last game I saw an ad of one box with CSGO items :) Firstly I clicked it but then forgot about it) In the aftermath of Dreamhack war I was thinking to play too! And then I remembered about the Dreamhack Box on Opencsgo :)

Than I used to try my fate :) I deposited some more cash whereas I had some there! Never till today I did not see such drops:) I won AWP Oni Taiji and AK47 Neon Revolution during first 15 opening :) I was on the top of the world) But this was not the end. Will u try to guess??? HOWL M4A4... I was Just watching on the screen during near 10 min ) Now I can buy the hot video card I wanted long ago... HOWL, I LUV U!..

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