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CSGO Items brought me about 500$

That day I took off and stayed at home... I played my preferred shooter CS GO almost the whole day... I have some nice models for guns and daggers and use them during the game:)After about 6 hrs of playing I decided to check my FB page...

And there I saw the ad of that service!.. The ad told that I'll receive 50USD for any dagger that I will drop:) I used to buy on this service cases and got few times really nice models!..On service I think the banner about $50 for any knife again... I deposit 100 $ and decided to buy the box with daggers:) I thought I'll get profit any way with 50 $ for the dagger)

The first "fish" I caught was knife forest ddpat in battle scarred quality! Its price is near $ 40+additional 50 USD and the amount is almost $ 100. The start was very high) The next catch was Gut Knife Damascus Steel Well-Worn that prise about 50 $... In such a way I used to earn $ 100) Really, easy does it, and I caught about $ 400 using that technology!..

I used to spin the offer about 15 times and earn knives with extra cash each time!..Afer I used to do about 15 dropps I a wonder happened! Karambit Offer Hardened Minimal Wear for near 300 USD and 50USD more "as usual") And https://opencsgo.com made me really rich. I would earn even more but here were problems with web-store I think because of great traffic. Totally I earned about 500$...Right now I will try to earn more.
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    mclczomf mclczomf   at 05 September 2017 11:12
    Site like old csgolounge!
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      lukemiller150 lukemiller150   at 08 September 2017 06:33
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