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YallaEsports is now Looking for a Dota 2 Team!

Greetings people of Dotka2

Yalla Esports

is on a mission to build a community of gamers with an organized structure in the MENA region, championing the gaming culture and building the perfect environment for professional gamers to flourish.

We aim to position ourselves as a supportive hub for gamers of all levels, offering events and organized training for local gamers with future vision of constructing and managing the very best teams in the region, competing on a global scale and showcasing the talent from this part of the world in the international gaming stratosphere.

Yalla Esports is now looking for people who're willing to play dota2 competitively under the Yalla Banner for the upcoming WESG and other tournaments to come. We are looking for Teams/Individuals who are willing/capable of playing on UAE/META Region to represent Yalla,

Yalla already has competitive teams under different games with it's CS:GO recently qualifying for ESL_India Masters League,

You can send your Resume at marcjoshuamendoza@yahoo.com
Skype : mojo_610

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