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Xbox Team Recruitment!

Hello all!

We are a new team known as Team Paradoxal!

We previously ran a very successful Call of Duty team, but have shifted our focus to the fast growing game of Overwatch!

We will be putting together a team of commited players to compete in tournaments (for cash and credibility) and to play with in competitive mode.

There are only a few requirements to request a try out!
1. Must be 15 years of age or above
2. Must be the rank of diamond or above
3. Must have a friendly and positive attitude!

We hope you all are interested in this very great oppurtunity!

TO REQUEST A TRY OUT: please message "Ashoqa" on Xbox and we wil set up a tome for your try out!
Best of Luck!

Paradoxal Space and Zebra, Leaders and Founders of Team Paradoxal
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