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[EU][PC] Recruitment TeamDelta

Hi everyone !

I'm AerooFly, the TeamDelta recruiter for Overwatch section (multigaming community on various game at competitive level). I'm plaised to announce that our recruitment is re-openned.To apply on our forum, we apply some conditions : minimum age is 18 years old, speak a little bit french is neccessary, have a headset, a microphone and TeamSpeak (for a minimum presence of once each week) is necessary too.

We recruit all profiles who apply on our forum and who fullfilling the conditions of access (every details on forum : http://forum.teamdelta.fr/)

Every members of the community and section will be able to flourish through the activities of the community.

For the gamers who want to invest in the side of esport of the community, you can join our active lines-up, or you can create yours and recruit some members of the section, while respecting the conditions of our leader.

Here is the link to create an account : http://forum.teamdelta.fr/register/
And here the link to apply for join the community : http://forum.teamdelta.fr/forum/63-recrutements/

If you have any questions, my btag is AerooFly#2207 :)

See you on our forum and TeamSpeak,
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