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Top Score Tournament Lol 2017

Score is the Jungler for KT Rolster Bullets. He was originally called Joker and played top lane with StarTale when the team was first formed, switched to AD carry, and switched back to playing Top lane. He then became the AD Carry for KT Rolster Bullets. He is known for his passive, safe play style, and earned the nickname "The Immortal" because of it. There was a stretch during Champions Winter and Spring where Score went many consecutive games without dying, to really solidify the nickname. He has earned a reputation for his
Corki play, often referred to as "Scorki".

Prior to the start of the 2015 season, LoL Champions Korea underwent restructuring. KT Rolster Arrows and KT Rolster Bullets had to pick the roster that will represent KT Rolster as a whole. Score was picked alongside Ssumday, Ikssu, Prime, Nagne, Edge, Arrow, Hachani and Fixer. This is also the time when Score switched from being an AD Carry to a Jungler.

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