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Talk in Dota from Discord!

Hello everyone, I'm an avid Dota 2 player and I've always wanted to make a great community for Dota 2 players so I've recently introduced a new function to my Discord server where you can chat across platforms.

How it works:

A bot will relay the messages between the private channel in Dota and the chat channel in Discord. So messages sent in Dota will be showed by the bot in Discord, and the messages sent in the Discord channel will be sent by the bot to the channel in Dota.

Also, your battlepass level icon and battlecup trophies will be shown in the Discord channel too! Look at the image to see how the chats look like.

If you're interested, do join the server at and we'll get you settled in.

P/s: we also regularly host giveaways for rare Dota 2 items! Current one is for the KOTL immortal from treasure 2 :)

Thank you!
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