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Prodigy is looking to represent a team.

Prodigy is looking to represent a serious CSGO Team, whether your team is up and coming or if you already have a competitive background; you could be what we are looking for. Don't shy away from the opportunity as it wont last long.

What we need to know:
1. Your past achievements.
2. Current standings in any leagues you are a part of.
3. Your teams current line up, along with information on your players. (Age, name, socials links, past teams. Anything you can offer.)

What we offer:

1. We have secure funding and are willing to invest into our teams.
2. We'll pay for any tournament entry fees.
3. We'll be working with you to build your presence on social media, e.g. YouTube, Twitter. etc.

If this interest you, and want to learn more, I encourage you to contact me personally at:
I hope to hear from you soon!
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