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Scam site-cant withdraw?

Recently i got recommended with a site,ive been told ill get a dollar to play with,i did,but now i cant withdraw that's the site,what can i do?i have 12 dollars but cant withdraw
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    Virg099 Virg099   at 03 June 2017 03:07
    Maybe it's because you haven't deposited yet. Also if it really is a scam, you wouldn't be posting you ref link here
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      volt23 volt23   at 06 June 2017 21:28
      If u dont want to be scammed, just make your own gambling site by yourself or order it from local web studio, like Dont forget that there are only house that actually earning money, regular players just a cash flow.
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        dsoliver18 dsoliver18   at 07 June 2017 08:36
        look here there is the full review this and reviews another's gambling sites.