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[EU] Daily Tournaments with HCT and hardware prizes!

Hey Card heroes!

eSports Wall (https://www.esportswall.com) is BACK at hosting Hearthstone events and we're going full power! We've launched a new system where players can sign up easilty and play for free in the most challenging tournaments for lots of prizes. It's our goal to create the full eSports experience for all players, regardless of their skill level.

In March we'll be hosting daily Hearthstone tournaments (view ALL events here: https://esportswall.com/games/hearthstone/tournaments) ) starting at 19:00. To create the full eSports experience we'll add a livestream on Twitch with international casters, tournament recaps on YouTube and news articles for the events.
Here is some key information for each event:

• Single elimination
• Best of five, all matches
• Pick 4 classes
o 1 ban
• Standard format
• Last Hero Standing

We would love to see you play in one of these events, if you have feedback or need help, we recommend you to join our partnered discord server. (https://www.discord.gg/esportswall)

Good luck to all participants!
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