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Even in GosuGamer EU>NA

2 days after EU HCT : all swiss round updated in GosuRanking
6 days after NA HTC: still only the top 8 taking into account :^)

NA u succ
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    Weryu Weryu   at 26 February 2017 09:32
    Seriously update the ranking quickly. When you are a pro player, and you're looking for a team, a GosuRank can be a good argument on your Ciriculum Vitae. Even if it's r160. It's just unfair for NA player who do the swiss round.

    With your system "15 results for beeing ranked", players who made top8 are not ranked because withou the 7 swiss round games, they don't have 15 games played. It's became ridiculous : the NA winter champion isn't ranked !

    Your ranking is more important that you think for some "intermediar player" who search a little structure

    So plz
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    muttelingun muttelingun   at 05 March 2017 15:49
    EU :)