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HS Player Survey (Results Will Be Public)

Hello Everyone!

I thought it would be cool to create a survey that at least attempts to capture the Hearthstone Player Experience and share it with everyone.

So yeah, if any of you want to take it that would be great! It only took me and my buddy 2-4 minutes to take it depending on how much you want to write.

The link is below!

It is also through Google Forms so at least you know it is scam free haha and I don't ask for your username or any personal info in the survey itself


A little extra info if you want it :p

I have a background in customer experience and seeing how other people view the game and what other people like and dislike about hearthstone is something that I think would be really interesting for a lot of people.

(Google might require you to sign in though i'm not sure, but I don't ask you for anything personal nor will see your gmail, password, etc. so don't be scared!)

Once I have a decent N size I'll create a little presentation on YouTube and update the thread with a YouTube link where I will walk through the results! (My channel is called Mr. Game Experience, don't judge me or look at it yet since it is in its infancy and I am new to video editing)

Also this is completely separate from Blizzard and am in no way affiliated with them nor is this survey affiliated with any business. This is just a fun hobby thing.

Andddd finally if you have any comments about the survey itself (bad question or link doesn't work, etc.) and what I should ask next time or anything just leave a comment below! Ideally if people are interested I would put together one of these things every expansion or twice a year.

Thanks Everyone!!
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