Zechs Files: Episode 1

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford 2 years, 36 weeks ago
Hey, guys. ‘Sup? I’m the new Editor in Chief here at GosuGamers and I guess I ought to introduce myself. Well, here goes…
First impressions are important, right? Well, I’m quite a humble guy. When I was asked do a column introducing myself to I thought to myself, how can I fill a whole page writing about nothing but me? (delete where applicable: because I’m too amazing to keep under the word count/because I’m boring and no-one cares)? But why don’t we try and make this a little more entertaining than the usual introductions?

Well, you could say I spawned way back in 2001. Back then, I got my first broadband connection and was playing Quake III and Counter-Strike. I made it to level two soon after in 2003, quickly moving to GotFrag – then the biggest esports site in the Western hemisphere – to farm up. After that I started jungling a little at SK Gaming and that was where I started The Zechs Files. Back then, it was mostly about Warcraft III and WoW, but I intend to cover a whole host of games now. Since leaving SK I have worked briefly at MYM, Rakakaworld and ESFI, as well as maintaining my own esports-centric blog to keep my creepscore up.

On my way home from IEM 2010 finals

Those who know their esports history might have noticed that I worked with two of the most influential editors the scene has known – Carmac and Midway. I hope that I can follow in their footsteps and put GosuGamers at the forefront just as those two did with their respective sites. I learned a lot from working with them, and with my own Journalism training I know I can help GG become even greater than it already is. The staff here already do an incredible job with their sweet builds, and the things you know and love about the site will only improve. You could say that I’ll just be helping us improve our micro.

Fortunately for me, that part shouldn’t require too much work. Both our DotA sections is already huge and our other sections do an excellent, somewhat under-appreciated job. Part of my own role here will be to promote the other sections – let people know what I know: that GosuGamers offers the best coverage out there. I don’t want to change anything about what the site already does. Instead, I will be trying to improve the things we already do so well. I am genuinely excited to learn about the DotA scene and the HoN scene, which are still relatively unexplored lanes for me to gank. As for Starcraft II, I mostly want to bring us more exposure. I know the coverage is good; we just need to make sure that more people see it. With that in mind, you can expect a sizeable chunk of my columns to feature Starcraft.

But with all the experience we’ve farmed over the years, it’s time for a new challenge. We’ve already started a new champion in League of Legends and I hope we can farm up the GosuGamers lane just a little bit. The quality and quantity of coverage that GosuGamers offers for its current games is something that the LoL scene is sorely lacking. My vision is for GG to offer the same central focus for LoL that it does for DotA. What you will see is news, coverage and features of the highest quality – as you have come to expect from GosuGamers. If you are interested in helping us grow our LoL coverage, you can reach me at michael@gosugamers.net. It is important to us that we do this right, though. We want to cover LoL as well as we cover DotA, the two games can coexist but we cannot and will not sacrifice the quality of one at the expense of the other. After all, what good is a high creepscore if you can’t win a team fight?

You can see our opening build for in2LOL's The Siege over here and you can follow me on Twitter for regular updates.

A word from the former editor-in-chief, Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand

Hey guys,

raistlin-long.jpgRaistlin reporting! We’re growing rapidly and we recently hit a landmark where it became too much weight for my shoulders to lead the editorial team while juggling the whole GosuCrew and push our development. We had quite a ride looking for someone who could bring the necessary experience and skillset to guide GosuGamers into the future, but we are sure Michael has what it needs to deliver what you ask for: supreme esports coverage!

And as Michael mentioned, yes, we’ll be venturing into League of Legends now. It’s a great game with a massive audience that definitely lacks what we are best at: telling stories of gamers on their way to the top as well as keeping their fanbase up to date on how their idols play their game.

If you enjoy our new platform play.gosugamers.net you will most likely already have found out that we kicked off our coverage for “The Siege” and this is where we will start: event coverage with news, VODs, GosuBets and obviously the grid that means the world to these teams.

"Wow, you abandon your main audience for some quick fame?" If you think that, then we have to set some things straight. GosuGamers will never lose our focus on DotA and Dota 2. Ever since we started back in 2002, we've been doing what we love and that is probably the most important reason why we've been around for so long. That's why we still support the oldschool titles StarCraft: Brood War and WarCraft 3. And don't you worry, we have big plans for DotA and Dota 2, so League of Legends will just become a new child in the GosuFamily. We hope that you will appreciate that!

We supported DotA and took it to our hearts when everyone else were laughing at it and still saw it as the annoying little brother of WarCraft 3. But we sure showed them, huh? The world of DotA is now up there with the other big titles. We see the huge prize pools in events. We have the broadcasters. The venues. The characters. We have the passionate communities. We wouldn't abandon it in a million years.

So yeah, we're ready to set the pace, and bring the League of Legends scene what we've done for DotA when nobody believed it would ever become a successful eSports title. If you enjoy it yourself and want to bring it and win it, we would be happy to welcome you on board of the GosuCrew. Drop us an email at raistlin@gosugamers.net and we'll have a chat!
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