North America Heroes Global Championship

HeroesThe North American branch in the new eSports plan for 2017

Europe Heroes Global Championship

HeroesEurope Heroes Global Championship

HGC South Korea Pro League

HeroesHGC South Korea Pro League

APEX Challengers Season 4

OverwatchOverwatch APEX Challengers Season 4

2017 LoL Champions Korea

LoL2017 LoL Champions Korea Summer Split

2017 Lol Master Series Summer Split

LoL2017 Lol Master Series Summer Split

Overwatch Pacific Championship Season 2

OverwatchOverwatch Pacific Championship Season 2

Season 2 Promition:

-Double Elimination Groups
-Double Elimination Playoff Bracket

Season 2:

-League Play

The Legend Series Overwatch

OverwatchOpen Qualifiers on July 22 & July 23. Bo1 Single Elimination.

Double Elimination Group Stage with 4 groups. 8 invited teams, 8 from 2 qualifiers. (26th /27th July & 1st/2nd Aug)

Semifinals (9th Aug)

Grand Final (Date TBA)

Overwatch Premier Series 2017 - Summer Season

OverwatchOverwatch Premier Series 2017 - Spring Season

OGN Overwatch APEX - Season 4

OverwatchOGN Overwatch APEX - Season 4

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