GosuLeague Division 2 Preliminaries

Date 28 April, 2012
Format 5v5

The qualifiers for next season's division 2 kicks off at the same time as the first season starts. No rest for the wicked.

The second season will be played in June and will run for four consecutive weeks. Division 2 will contain two sub-divisions, with eight teams in each. Teams play two matches a week during four weeks. And the champion of the each sub-division claims the noticeable gate to division 1. Division 2 does not feature any prizes, but division 1 does; $3,500 in June and $5,000 for the July season.

The qualifiers are free-for-all and will feature 32 teams in each. The final two of each qualifier will be invited to division 2.

Hightlighted rules for qualifiers

  • A qualifier is played from start to end during one day. Winner of each round advances to the next round. The team reports their results manually into the play.gosugamers tournament platform.
  • Use an IRC-channel for communication between the teams for qualifiers. The IRC-channel to use is #gosuleague at Quakenet.
  • Use the teamname/tag as your IRC-name
  • Default wins will be handed out 30 minutes after the qualifier's start. If you don't show activity in the channel or respond to admins, your team will get dropped.
  • If your team makes it into the bracket and don't show up, you will not be able to register for the next 3 qualifiers. If you check in, always stay present in the #gosuleague channel.

    Click "Rules" below for the full ruleset. Good luck and have fun!

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