GosuCup Asia / GosuCups Asia / GosuCup Asia II

Prize Pool $1,000
Date 17 November, 2012
Format 5v5

1. Communication with teams and admins
1.1 - Check play.gosugamers.net for times for registration, check-in and start of the qualifier.
1.2 - All communication between teams about hosting and joining should be done through the match comments. By clicking your match and then clicking "Full match details" you'll get to the match page. At the bottom of this page you will find the comment-section. Post there to communicate lobby-password to the opponents.
1.2.1 - Also post a comment when the game starts and another one when it ends.
1.3 - You may also use #gosucup (quakenet) on IRC during the qualifier to contact admins. If you don't have an IRC-client, use webchat.quakenet.org. You may also find some of the other teams there if they choose to be there.
1.3.1 - Use your teamname or teamtag as nickname on IRC.
1.4 - After the match is finished, the winning team should enter the correct result in the "Enter Result"-box which appears if you click your game.

NOTE - the cup has been delayed 30min. All times for Day 1 have been moved 30 min.


Name Server(s) Start Status
GosuCup Asia II Steam (Asia) 17 November, 2012 08:00 CEST
Schedule Teams (222) Bracket