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April 02, Saturday, 14:00 CEST

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Midas Club, NP and DC supremely confident after Day 1 TI7 NA/SA regional qualifiers

TI 7 European open qualifiers # 2 winners, Planet Dog deliver the big surprise in the regionals

Funn1k’s M19 finish the first day of CIS regional qualifiers for TI 7 undefeated

TnC is undefeated after the first day of SEA qualifiers for The International 2017

Team Max is the last team headed for the TI7 regional qualifiers

TI7 open qualifiers closed out for five regions; China still underway

Planet Dog win the second EU open qualifiers for TI 7

Congratulations to Abed on reaching 10K MMR

The International 7 prize pool surpass the $19M milestone

Loda’s stack win the first open qualifiers for The International 7

M19 stake a claim on a TI7 CIS regional qualifier spot

Execration clinch the first spot in the SEA regional qualifiers

GosuGamers Weekly Business Review, 16/6 - 23/6

TI 7 Prize Pool spiked by Weekend Battle Level and Treasure Bundle sale

Sweet Sixteen; home stretch of TI7 open qualifiers #1

The International 7 regional qualifiers format announced

Stacked EU/CIS TI7 open qualifiers; Loda, Admiral Bulldog, Funn1k, to give their best shot

Alliance dominate Champions Cup for spot in TI7 regional qualifiers

81 heroes in 17 games: Virtus Pro are the new Wings Gaming going into TI 7

The split Aegis of Champions defense by Wings Gaming

One-way Elimination Mode - Team Secret vs Virtus Pro; Puppey vs Solo

TI 7 format changes: No Wild Card spots available, teams will be eliminated in the group stage

Virtus Pro defend their Summit title in style

The International 2017 direct invites are announced

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