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CLG vs mTw

Posted by whereismywall
Added 4 years, 36 weeks ago
Event The Defense 2
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one CLG
Player two mTw
Display winner
First pick mTw
Match ID 27494053
Views 4,265


The Defense 2
Sweden CLGEurope mTw
lycanthrope tinker natures prophet
invoker leshrac dark seer
night stalker venomancer
brewmaster lanaya
chen sandking queen of pain
broodmother enchantress rubick
windrunner morphling
tidehunter naga siren
chen Clg.Akke (forest)
queen of pain standin.mitch (middle)
morphling Clg.Pajkatt (bottom)
sandking Clg.Miracle (roam)
windrunner Clg.Lacoste (top)
broodmother mTw.funzii (bottom)
enchantress mtw.fckngmad (forest)
rubick mTw.kebap (top)
tidehunter mTw.syndren (middle)
naga siren mtw.Socksha (top)


Game 2


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