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EG vs DK

Posted by Pasteification
Added 4 years, 22 weeks ago
Event BTS World Tour
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one EG
Player two DK
Display winner
First pick EG
Match ID 31439307
Views 1,318


BTS World Tour
United States EGChina DK
invoker natures prophet lycanthrope
dark seer naga siren broodmother
enchantress anti mage
lone druid morphling
tinker chen beastmaster
rubick leshrac venomancer
crystal maiden tiny
sandking faceless void
chen Maelk (Jungle)
crystal maiden Universe (Mid)
tinker BuLba (Bot)
beastmaster DeMoN (Top)
tiny Fear (Mid)
faceless void BurNIng (Top)
venomancer ZippO (Top)
leshrac Super (Mid)
sandking longdd (Mid)
rubick rOtK (Bot)


Game 2


Current: 8.0 (3 votes)

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