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Na'Vi vs mouz

Posted by kalanaar
Added 2 years, 7 weeks ago
Event Premier M
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one Na'Vi
Player two mouz
Display winner
First pick Na\'Vi
Match ID 29184571
Views 4,212


Ukraine Na'ViGermany mouz
broodmother shadow demon naga siren
natures prophet lycanthrope dark seer
enigma chaos
chen brewmaster
venomancer invoker tinker
rubick earthshaker windrunner
lone druid axe
kotl morphling
axe Puppey (Jungle)
tinker XBOCT (Bot)
invoker Dendi (Mid)
lone druid LighTofHeaveN (Top)
venomancer AA (Bot)
earthshaker 1437 (Bot)
morphling ComeWithMe (Top)
rubick SingSing (Mid)
windrunner CalculuS (Top)
kotl SexyBamboe (Bot)


Game 2



Current: 9.5 (4 votes)

Comments (Closed)

OtherImpetuousTiger 2 years, 7 weeks ago
we all know CWM's famous carry role, can be magic, mb not tomorrow :\
United StatespRogz 2 years, 7 weeks ago
The twitch stream doesnt work and I cant watch the reply cause it says its denied. How can I watch this again? eh.gif

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