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BFB vs Wolves

Posted by Angel
Added 3 years, 17 weeks ago
Event GosuLeague
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one BFB
Player two Wolves
Display winner
First pick BFB
Match ID 28997880
Views 999


United States BFBDenmark Wolves
chen leshrac morphling
dark seer lycanthrope natures prophet
brewmaster windrunner
venomancer enigma
broodmother rubick naga
enchantress invoker tidehunter
shadow demon tinker
chaos lina
naga miGGel (Bot)
tinker Demise (Mid)
rubick bonzajajaj (Bot)
broodmother Merlini (Top)
shadow demon Ryze (Bot)
tidehunter CalculuS (Top)
chaos Balsam (Bot)
invoker s4 (Mid)
lina sang (Bot)
enchantress THEneNo- (Jungle)


Game 2



Current: 10.0 (1 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Russian FederationHD85512b 3 years, 17 weeks ago
lol merlini ryze miggel on the same teammmmmmm


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