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Duskbin vs Beliebers

Posted by Angel
Added 2 years, 7 weeks ago
Event nPD2
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one Duskbin
Player two Beliebers
Display winner
First pick Duskbin
Match ID 28707992
Views 1,690


Pro Dota 2
Philippines DuskbinUnited States Beliebers
invoker lycanthrope lanaya
dark seer naga natures prophet
tidehunter shadow demon
crystal maiden morphling
rubick queen of pain sandking
leshrac chaos chen
enigma vengeful spirit
venomancer visage
rubick ninjaboogle (Top)
enigma Anne Hachiway (Bot)
queen of pain Drogba (Mid)
vengeful spirit Cast (Top)
sandking Lei (Top)
visage Exiled (Top)
chen JOIK (Jungle)
chaos Cak3z (Bot)
leshrac RyuUboruZ (Mid)
venomancer dfekt (Bot)


Game 2



Current: 10.0 (1 votes)

Comments (Closed)

SerbiaRamiZ 2 years, 7 weeks ago
Nice to see Visage at competitive DotA 2. Liked the way they played it, not on 3 lane, but solo, and farming fast Aghanim. ;)
Polandysoez 2 years, 7 weeks ago
no mr.swish no win

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