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BFB vs mTw

Posted by S1lv3r
Added 3 years, 1 week ago
Event GosuLeague
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one BFB
Player two mTw
Display winner
First pick BFB
Match ID 27718646
Views 12,861


United States BFBEurope mTw
broodmother leshrac lone druid
lycanthrope dark seer natures prophet
enchantress tinker
queen of pain brewmaster
chen crystal maiden windrunner
venomancer invoker enigma
lanaya morphling
clockwerk dragon knight
crystal maiden Sayuri (Mid)
lanaya Koga (Bot)
windrunner Merlini (Top)
morphling SUPREME (Mid)
chen standin.Ryze (Jungle)
venomancer syndereN (Mid)
clockwerk Funzii (Bot)
invoker Sockshka (Mid)
dragon knight fckngmad (Top)
enigma Kebap (Jungle)


Game 2


Current: 6.8 (8 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Viet NamYang- 3 years, 1 week ago
great team fights from the winner
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofBilGames 3 years, 1 week ago
Ben Fuck's Buddies <3
SerbiaMajestic_- 3 years, 1 week ago
all this mtw does is turtle... every game same shit
GermanyForty 3 years, 1 week ago
#3 So how many games of mTw have you seen? Normally they are very aggressive early on and cage their enemy, so they force them to turtle and outfarm them.
Indonesiaabad_21guns 3 years, 1 week ago
seem interesting ^^.gif
Indiajajabinker 3 years, 1 week ago
not worth RR IMO. bfb failed to capitalize on their lead.
Denmarkbesi.sll 3 years, 1 week ago
Just me or is 4 of mTw players on wrong hero )? TI2 secret training?
PeruGMG.kaiser 3 years, 2 days ago
merlini?? hes back?? =O

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