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coL vs EHOME

Posted by Pasteification
Added 4 years, 32 weeks ago
Event BTS World Tour
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one coL
Player two EHOME
Display winner
First pick coL
Match ID 26878617
Views 5,620


BTS World Tour
United States coLChina EHOME
brewmaster enigma leshrac
beastmaster dark seer lycanthrope
windrunner invoker
enchantress tidehunter
natures prophet sandking tinker
chen lone druid broodmother
venomancer sven
storm spirit lion
sandking FLUFFNSTUFF (Bot)
tinker Jeyo USA (Mid)
sven TC (Bot)
natures prophet HANNAH_MONTANA (Top)
venomancer ixmike88 (Bot)
broodmother KingJ (Bot)
chen QQQ (Jungle)
storm spirit Cupid_Cat (Mid)
lone druid LaMn (Top)
lion MMY! (Roam)


Game 3


Current: 9.0 (4 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Bahamasshanghaigirl88 4 years, 32 weeks ago
does it ever win?
ChinaGaLaxiE 4 years, 32 weeks ago
erm, lets look at the ping
United Statesforehand 4 years, 32 weeks ago
If you know the ping situation, instead of saying that, can you just tell us please?

Also Daidaidai lion, eat your heart out fanboys! (I'm one of them tounge.gif )
Chinaorc 4 years, 32 weeks ago
#3: He never called himself daidaidai, only daidai which comes from orc_]__daidai__
Germanyriquelme_one 4 years, 31 weeks ago
imo deserves a RR, very impressive strategical game.

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