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mouz vs mTw

Posted by S1lv3r
Added 2 years, 23 weeks ago
Event GosuLeague
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one mouz
Player two mTw
Display winner
First pick mouz
Match ID 24936624
Views 2,564


Germany mouzEurope mTw
natures prophet tinker enchantress
dark seer lycanthrope broodmother
juggernaut invoker
brewmaster beastmaster
enigma leshrac shadow demon
chen lone druid crystal maiden
windrunner kunkka
queen of pain sandking
shadow demon 1437 (Mid)
enigma ComeWithMe (Jungle)
kunkka SingSing (Mid)
leshrac Black (Bot)
windrunner SexaBamboe (Top)
queen of pain syndereN (Mid)
lone druid Funzii (Bot)
sandking Sockshka (Top)
crystal maiden FckngMad (Mid)
chen Kebap (Jungle)


Game 2



Current: 7.0 (3 votes)

Comments (Closed)

BulgariaMe4onyX 2 years, 23 weeks ago
kunkkunk too strong
gg wp ^^

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