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Empire vs Na'Vi

Posted by S1lv3r
Added 2 years, 4 weeks ago
Event The Defense
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one Empire
Player two Na'Vi
Display winner
First pick Na\'Vi
Match ID 23167785
Views 7,812


The Defense
Russia EmpireUkraine Na'Vi
lycanthrope chen dark seer
brewmaster enchantress natures prophet
sandking morphling
bane vengeful spirit
invoker tidehunter broodmother
enigma venomancer lone druid
leshrac shadow demon
tinker beastmaster
broodmother blowyourbrain (Top)
shadow demon ALWAYSWANNAFLY (Mid)
invoker Scandal (Bot)
tidehunter j4 (Bot)
leshrac jackal (Mid)
beastmaster Puppey (Bot)
enigma standin.RwWar (Jungle)
tinker Dendi (Mid)
lone druid LightOfHeaven (Top)
venomancer standin.NS (Top)


The Defense


Current: 7.5 (6 votes)

Comments (Closed)

CroatiaPhi 2 years, 4 weeks ago
Scandal playing 2 heroes? He's pro... so pro. :D
GermanyS1lv3r 2 years, 4 weeks ago
indeed he is ;) fixed btw :)
GermanyAuraFlash 2 years, 4 weeks ago
where is xboct and aa?
Germanyth0t4r 2 years, 4 weeks ago
Rwar the french dota legend :)?
OtherImpetuousTiger 2 years, 4 weeks ago
all french dota players are legends indeed they are! french dota > world
Russian Federationctriker 2 years, 4 weeks ago
#4 ex-Empier team player wink.gif
Germanyth0t4r 2 years, 4 weeks ago
#5 unaware ppl should be quiet
IndonesiaOrcisHlHorde 2 years, 4 weeks ago
diehard fanboys tounge.gif
CanadaAnimalMother 2 years, 4 weeks ago
Empire has potential. Their individual skill level is quite high, just need to work on team synergy.

That Eul's Invoker was sex.
IndonesiaJ- 2 years, 4 weeks ago
nice game from both teams..invoker pretty sick happy.gif
GermanyS1lv3r 2 years, 4 weeks ago
you'll see these Teams facing each other again in the upcoming GosuLeague Season

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