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M5 vs mTw

Posted by S1lv3r
Added 2 years, 4 weeks ago
Event GosuLeague
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one M5
Player two mTw
Display winner
First pick M5
Match ID 23362423
Views 5,997


Russia M5Europe mTw
lone druid beastmaster leshrac
dark seer lycanthrope broodmother
sandking chaos
venomancer storm spirit
chen enigma night stalker
natures prophet invoker ancient apparition
shadow demon anti mage
clockwerk spectre
anti mage plzgogame (Bot)
chen Inmate (Jungle)
shadow demon Admiration (Mid)
night stalker vVv (Mid)
enigma BllodAngel (Top)
invoker Synderen (Mid)
clockwerk Funzii (Bot)
spectre Sockshka (Top)
natures prophet FckngMad (Jungle)
ancient apparition Kebap (Top)


Game 2




Current: 8.8 (5 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Belarusdb.kulik 2 years, 4 weeks ago
GermanyS1lv3r 2 years, 4 weeks ago
sry i missed smth with lanes. should be fixed now
Serbiara-harakhte 2 years, 4 weeks ago
How to watch this on Dota2 client says access denied.....
Germanymr.miyagi 2 years, 4 weeks ago
imba play by
Otherzxcvbnmqaz 2 years, 4 weeks ago
why not RR ?
United Statesforehand 2 years, 4 weeks ago
times like these i wish i was a vigoss fanboy

great job managing to carry the hilariously amusing trainwreck that is pgg on a hard carry
Denmarkramuos.k 2 years, 4 weeks ago
night hehe.gif
United Statesforehand 2 years, 4 weeks ago
holy shit, these announcers think spectre illusions have dispersion

Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic ofprof.dr.martin 2 years, 4 weeks ago
global strat didnt work :<
ThailandGodricks 2 years, 4 weeks ago
Russian Federationctriker 2 years, 4 weeks ago
pgg am xD
Australiadotafanatic 2 years, 3 weeks ago
Vigoss again showing why he was considered as one of the best dota player of all time, he is getting in the groove. Diving into 5 heroes and getting last hit of roshan + aegis. crazy.gif

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