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Posted by Angel
Added 3 years, 1 day ago
Event GosuLeague
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one
Player two Keita
Display winner
First pick Keita
Match ID 23152356
Views 869


Kazakhstan NEXT.kzSweden Keita
invoker chaos leshrac
dark seer natures prophet enchantress
brewmaster tidehunter
queen of pain morphling
chen beastmaster broodmother
lycanthrope shadow demon enigma
windrunner crystal maiden
sandking lina
queen of pain Mantis (Mid)
crystal maiden Reeves (Top)
chen LuCky (Jungle)
dark seer ciLium (Bot)
tiny eQual (Top)
leshrac bonzajajaj (Top)
windrunner Niqua (Mid)
slardar Quix (Top)
crystal maiden NotAHax (Top)
clinkz Wall-eater (Bot)


Game 2




Current: 8.5 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Swedensimonkex 2 years, 51 weeks ago
pictures are all messed up. 2x crystal maiden???

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