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EYES vs mTw

Posted by Angel
Added 3 years, 31 weeks ago
Event GosuLeague
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one EYES
Player two mTw
Display winner
First pick mTw
Match ID 22775253
Views 2,112


Germany EYESEurope mTw
lone druid lycanthrope natures prophet
dark seer broodmother lich
night stalker tinker
earthshaker shadow demon
enigma leshrac queen of pain
invoker enchantress crystal maiden
chaos beastmaster
windrunner juggernaut
chaos crush (Bot)
queen of pain qq (Mid)
enigma Atze (Jungle)
leshrac EDE (Bot)
beastmaster slahser (Top)
invoker syndereN (Mid)
windrunner Funzii (Top)
juggernaut Sockshka (Bot)
crystal maiden Fcknmad (Bot)
enchantress Kebap (Jungle)


Game 1



Current: 7.5 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

SwedenZernith 3 years, 31 weeks ago
Iran, Islamic Republic off.messiah 3 years, 31 weeks ago
#1 me thinks so.
Jordan3aserr 3 years, 31 weeks ago
they said its him , i hope it is -D
PolandAmTi 3 years, 31 weeks ago
fake one
GermanyneNo- 3 years, 31 weeks ago
its just a stanidn but not slahser 100% why do u think would slahser the mighty play with such a **** team...?
Chinaorc 3 years, 31 weeks ago
Because your team is so much better neno. Fucking douchebag, can't you ever shut your mouth? Sick of your poor english too.
AustriaEYES.crusH 3 years, 27 weeks ago
xD neNo- got raped and it was real slahser ^^

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