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Zenith vs iG

Posted by Angel
Added 3 years, 48 weeks ago
Event PD2 League
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one Zenith
Player two iG
Display winner
First pick Zenith
Match ID 22555622
Views 5,875


Pro Dota 2
Singapore ZenithChina iG
broodmother invoker dark seer
lycanthrope natures prophet chaos
anti mage night stalker
lone druid shadow shaman
chen leshrac enigma
queen of pain shadow demon venomancer
sandking brewmaster
dragon knight windrunner
enigma hyhy (Top)
sandking xy- (Roam)
chen xFreedom (Jungle)
leshrac mew (Bot)
brewmaster Loda (Mid)
dragon knight Zhou (Mid)
shadow demon Faith (Bot)
queen of pain Ferrari_430 (Top)
windrunner YYF (Bot)
venomancer Chuan (Bot)


Pro Dota 2



Current: 6.4 (5 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Australiarexxar209 3 years, 48 weeks ago
getting no sound from only this particular vod.... is it just me or sm1 else got the problem as well?
Hong KongArtofTrolling-_- 3 years, 48 weeks ago
#1 me 2 TT.gif
Australiarexxar209 3 years, 48 weeks ago
lol ... no sound and yet sm1 already rated the replay
Germanyriquelme_one 3 years, 48 weeks ago
damnnnn wanted to see this one with sound : (
SwitzerlandAngel 3 years, 48 weeks ago
#3 Why not rating it? Sound problems are not caused by gosugamers. They are caused by
Australiarexxar209 3 years, 48 weeks ago
well seemed like sm1 did it without watching it.....
Netherlandssheever 3 years, 48 weeks ago
If you click through the video and then go back to the start there is sound. It is a bug in this vod from Twitch :(
PolanduNv.dawidek- 3 years, 47 weeks ago
who's she? ^^.gif
Brazilsew 3 years, 44 weeks ago
sheever forgot the sound?

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