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aL vs 4FC

Posted by Angel
Added 4 years, 36 weeks ago
Event DHS 12
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one aL
Player two 4FC
Display winner
First pick 4FC
Match ID 20954186
Views 9,248


DreamHack Summer 2012
Australia aLSweden 4FC
lycanthrope chen broodmother
dark seer invoker enchantress
axe tidehunter
brewmaster enigma
leshrac crystal maiden earthshaker
natures prophet shadow demon queen of pain
ancient apparition pudge
jakiro kunkka
earthshaker Godot (Top)
pudge bleek (Bot)
crystal maiden Snoopy (Bot)
leshrac MusiCa (Top)
ancient apparition Shatan (Mid)
queen of pain alx (Mid)
kunkka strangby (Top)
jakiro bombski (Top)
natures prophet Chrillee (Bot)
shadow demon eresloco (Top)


Group Stage




Current: 8.1 (15 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Germanymatthe 4 years, 36 weeks ago
Bleek hooking good = auto rr? Gosugamers is low ....
CanadaAnimalMother 4 years, 36 weeks ago
I disagree. Entertaining game, semi-troll picks and an absurd cast make this quite recommendable in my opinion. Pudge was nice, but shadow demon + kunkka had a lot of great moments as well, and rambo AA farming up to skadi also deserves a mention.

I\'d even go as far as saying that the max range hook on Kunkka, after he used x marks the spot on himself to squeeze in a few last hits, was the most memorable play I\'ve seen in a long while.
Malaysiarontol 4 years, 36 weeks ago
lol bleek
Korea, Republic ofdigital-archangel 4 years, 36 weeks ago
RR not because of the skill level (other team super noob), but because of the entertainment value~
TurkeyDeestruD 4 years, 36 weeks ago
why is it RR ?
Slovakiaminikennik 4 years, 36 weeks ago
Worth watching,don't except too much though
Otherzxcvbnmqaz 4 years, 36 weeks ago
disappointed crash.gif

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