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M5 vs Na`Vi

Posted by Angel
Added 3 years, 24 weeks ago
Event PD2 League
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one M5
Player two Na`Vi
Display winner
Match ID 20422825
Views 6,669


Pro Dota 2
Russia M5Ukraine Na`Vi
chen pudge dazzle
enigma leshrac invoker
crystal maiden lone druid
beastmaster venomancer
chen plzgogame (Jungle)
pudge Admir (Bot)
dazzle vVv (Mid)
crystal maiden Dota[Lucker] (Bot)
lone druid BlooDAngeL (Top)
enigma Puppey (Jungle)
leshrac XBOCT (Mid)
invoker Dendi (Top)
beastmaster LightOfHeaven (Bot)
venomancer AA (Roam)


Pro Dota 2




Current: 5.4 (5 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Indiajajabinker 3 years, 24 weeks ago

m5 toe to toe with na'vi. This time ppy is the villain though not pgg.
Slovakiaminikennik 3 years, 24 weeks ago
First 20 mins were really promising...not worth watching because outcome is decided by internet problems
Otherzxcvbnmqaz 3 years, 24 weeks ago
who is dota[lucker] ?
SerbiaRamiZ 3 years, 23 weeks ago
#3 A guy that was playing with Admir in one of better Russian teams back in the days, I don't remember all of the players, but I know that Admir, GETLOST and FocusIRE were playing together, and they were all having names like Dota[Lucker], Dota[Gosu], Dota[Hasu] etc.
So, on the question "who is he", I can't really get good answer, but I saw his name before. :)
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic ofillidannn 3 years, 23 weeks ago
He is old school Dota player, a Russian Legend such as vigoss Jolie and NS...
Lucker won pride 3 if i am not mistaken with Focus Ire, Getlost, Ars-Art and Admir. Focus Ire and Getlost are brothers btw. gosu and hasu were Ars and admir i think...
Then Admir and Ars-Art joined NS Jolie and vigoss from Mage and formed VP...
IndiazEus_ 3 years, 23 weeks ago
access to match id denied? why it says so? :(
MalaysiaKs-Koroshi 3 years, 23 weeks ago
More like a no-balls game

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