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WE vs MiTH

Posted by welcome_addiction
Added 3 years, 50 weeks ago
Event TI 12 Qualifiers
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one WE
Player two MiTH
Display winner
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TI 12 Qualifiers
China WeThailand MiTH
windrunner enchantress morphling
shadow shaman lycanthrope chen
clinkz anti mage
enigma lone druid
dark seer natures prophet tidehunter
leshrac invoker earthshaker
pugna vengeful spirit
brewmaster weaver
dark seer Luo (Top)
natures prophet Icy (Jungle)
tidehunter Chan (Mid)
pugna Fnty (Bot)
vengeful spirit JIEJIE (Bot)
leshrac TnK (Top)
invoker l3nu (Top)
earthshaker r5r5 (Bot)
brewmaster aabBAA (Mid)
weaver K- (Bot)

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TI'12 East Qualifiers



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