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yR vs TTB

Posted by welcome_addiction
Added 3 years, 25 weeks ago
Event GosuLeague Div 2
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one yR
Player two TTB
Display winner
First pick yR
Match ID 19177677
Views 636


GosuLeague Div 2
Jordan yRDenmark TTB
dark seer brewmaster enchantress
lycanthrope natures prophet leshrac
shadow demon tidehunter
beastmaster shadow shaman
chen venomancer lone druid
enigma invoker windrunner
pugna jakiro
earthshaker broodmother
chen a5oNecro (Jungle)
venomancer 3aseR (Bot)
lone druid YapzOr (Top)
pugna Hook (Mid)
jakiro WYLWYL (Bot)
enigma henrydickenson (Jungle)
invoker Balsam (Mid)
windrunner Calculus (Bot)
earthshaker THEneNo- (Bot)
broodmother s4 (Top)

Match Stats


GosuLeague Div 2 Game 2




Current: 6.0 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Greecewelcome_addiction 3 years, 25 weeks ago
Check out our new mats stats, ->spoiler, and tell us what you think..
End screen of the game here:
United StatesNoxtheory 3 years, 25 weeks ago
Jordan dota

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