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mTw vs SGC

Posted by Angel
Added 2 years, 14 weeks ago
Event SL Stars
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one mTw
Player two SGC
Display winner
First pick mTw
Match ID 19017126
Views 527


Star Series
Europe mTwSlovakia SGC
dark seer lycanthrope brewmaster
broodmother natures prophet chen
venomancer anti mage
lich earthshaker
invoker enigma windrunner
leshrac enchantress lone druid
storm spirit crystal maiden
shadow demon night stalker
invoker syndereN (Top)
windrunner Funzii (Bot)
storm spirit Sockshka (Mid)
enigma FckingMad (Jungle)
crystal maiden Kebap (Bot)
night stalker craNich (Mid)
shadow demon OFFak (Bot)
lone druid Warlog (Top)
enchantress lacek (Jungle)
leshrac Tulex (Bot)


Star Series




Current: 6.0 (2 votes)

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