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Na'Vi vs coL

Posted by welcome_addiction
Added 3 years, 25 weeks ago
Event TPL2
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one Na'Vi
Player two coL
Display winner
First pick Na\'Vi
Match ID 17652169
Views 2,983


The Premier League
Ukraine Na'ViUnited States coL
dark seer enchantress venomancer
lycanthrope natures prophet chen
earthshaker sandking
queen of pain beastmaster
leshrac night stalker shadow demon
enigma broodmother invoker
crystal maiden weaver
lich tiny
leshrac standin.NS (Top)
night stalker standin.Black (Top)
shadow demon Dendi (Mid)
crystal maiden PPY (Top)
weaver LighTofHeaven (Bot)
enigma FLUFF (Jungle)
broodmother HANNAH_MONTANA (Top)
invoker Jeyo (Bot)
lich ixmike88 (Mid)
tiny TC (Mid)


The Premier League


Current: 6.7 (3 votes)

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Otherzxcvbnmqaz 3 years, 25 weeks ago
7 days ago ? sleepy.gif

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