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Darer vs CLG

Posted by Angel
Added 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Event SL Stars
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one Darer
Player two CLG
Display winner
First pick Darer
Match ID 13207354
Views 1,349


Star Series
Russia DarerSweden CLG
enchantress anti mage windrunner
natures prophet lycanthrope tidehunter
sandking morphling
riki shadow demon
chen beastmaster leshrac
invoker dark seer venomancer
vengeful spirit shadow fiend
queen of pain enigma
vengeful spirit Darer.Artstyle (Bot)
chen Darer.Dread (Jungle)
shadow fiend Darer.G (Mid)
beastmaster Darer.Santa (Top)
leshrac Darer.V4MP1R3 (Bot)
invoker Pajkatt (Top)
venomancer Akke (Roam)
queen of pain Loda‎ (Mid)
enigma MiSeRy (Jungle)
dark seer Miracle (Bot)


Winner bracket semi final - Game 2



Current: 8.5 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

GreeceBeyondWonderland 4 years, 9 weeks ago
IS there any way to watch the replay on dota2 client?Cause Access to Match ID 13207354 denied.
SwitzerlandAngel 4 years, 9 weeks ago
#1 Nope. 4 years, 9 weeks ago
great strat. reminds me of kuroky's strat when luna and 4 other aura heroes went vanguard and they dominated the game with aura madness.

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