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zNation vs TTB

Posted by Angel
Added 4 years, 5 weeks ago
Event SL Pros
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one zNation
Player two TTB
Display winner
First pick zNation
Match ID 11990321
Views 378


Star Series
Russia zNationDenmark TTB
shadow shaman chen riki
lycanthrope invoker dark seer
anti mage broodmother
enchantress crystal maiden
lone druid queen of pain enigma
natures prophet windrunner vengeful spirit
tidehunter beastmaster
earthshaker morphling
tidehunter Wek (Bot)
beastmaster Freedoy (Top)
enigma King of Feed (Jungle)
queen of pain TameMyWild (Mid)
lone druid IPLAYFORFEED (Bot)
natures prophet CalculuS (Mid)
earthshaker Quantic.Ryze (Bot)
windrunner s4 (Top)
morphling Balsam (Bot)
vengeful spirit Buller (Bot)


Star Series ProLadder



Current: 10.0 (1 votes)

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