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GRB vs EnRo

Posted by Angel
Added 4 years, 6 weeks ago
Event GosuLeague: Qualifier V
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one GRB
Player two EnRo
Display winner
First pick GRB
Match ID 11282936
Views 1,322


GosuLeague: Qualifier V
Germany GRBGermany EnRo
chen lycanthrope tidehunter
lone druid invoker natures prophet
sandking dark seer
broodmother enchantress
windrunner beastmaster vengeful spirit
leshrac crystal maiden morphling
venomancer anti mage
night stalker shadow demon
windrunner I THINK I SPIDER (Top)
vengeful spirit hly (Bot)
anti mage rmN- (Mid)
venomancer koik (Mid)
beastmaster paS (Bot)
night stalker crusH (Mid)
leshrac BALAZS (Bot)
shadow demon Crydasia (Top)
morphling unicornxoxo (Bot)
crystal maiden Lunetrix (Bot)


Grand Final - Casted by: Purge



Grand Final - Casted by: Sheever and Jacob



Current: 6.8 (4 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Germanyfoennix 4 years, 6 weeks ago
which of these are aliases and which are the original nicks? I recognize rmn and pas of course but who are the rest?

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