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GoSu vs FnaticRC

Posted by Angel
Added 4 years, 11 weeks ago
Event SL Stars
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one GoSu
Player two FnaticRC
Display winner
First pick GoSu
Match ID 11086634
Views 2,326


Star Series
United States GoSuEurope FnaticRC
chen lycanthrope leshrac
invoker natures prophet broodmother
queen of pain lich
enigma slardar
tidehunter lone druid crystal maiden
windrunner dark seer riki
venomancer tiny
jakiro storm spirit
venomancer PAINTITGOLD (Mid)
crystal maiden Mikey (Top)
tiny Korok (Mid)
lone druid Lightness (Bot)
tidehunter Universe (Top)
windrunner Fly (Top)
jakiro NoVa (Bot)
dark seer N0tail (Jungle)
riki Era (Bot)
storm spirit H4nn1 (Mid)


Star Series



Current: 9.3 (4 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Italyshaka444 4 years, 11 weeks ago
Nice game, in 1-2 months i think fnatic will be great wink.gif
PhilippinesAngeLfrosT 4 years, 11 weeks ago
fnatic will be a great dota 2 team :)
Iran, Islamic Republic ofdeterrent 4 years, 11 weeks ago
h4nni- is back?!!!
ArgentinaAWRNSS 4 years, 11 weeks ago
Bulba showing that the Lannisters always pay their debts.
United StatesSiKe. 4 years, 10 weeks ago
GoSu could have ended this so much easier if they had a pipe on the tide earlier. Game only lasted that long because of the lack of the pipe for straight pushing while they were in the lead. Getting vacuumed then fire-breathed with ion shell.. imagine how much a pipe would have helped with that 20 minutes sooner in the game..

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