OG eliminate Infamous from The International 7

Posted by Jarrad "Belandrial" Adams at 08 August 2017 06:02

In one of the most decisive victories of the day, OG sent the South American squad, Infamous, packing in just over thirty minutes.

One of the biggest surprises to enter the Lower Bracket of The International 7 was OG, as the four-time Major winners went to battle with Infamous. While OG were the favourites going into the game, best-of-1 matchups always come with much more pressure and the first ever South American team at TI would not be a walk in the park for OG. Unfortunately, one of these teams would be eliminated from the tournament by the end of this game while the other would keep their TI dreams alive for the moment.

OG Dota2 lineup

The Dire

Fly-Simba Dazzle Dazzle
* JerAx Tusk Tusk
s4 Brewmaster Brewmaster
N0tail-BigDaddy Chaos Knight Chaos Knight
ana- Invoker Invoker
Alchemist Nature's Prophet Legion Commander Batrider Sven
Infamous lineup

The Radiant

Viper Viper Timado
Night Stalker Night Stalker Matthew- *
Lich Lich ACCELL
Earthshaker Earthshaker Kingteka
Troll Warlord Troll Warlord Benjaz-
Silencer Phantom Assassin Death Prophet Terrorblade Storm Spirit

* This player was a stand-in for this match

OG took the game to Infamous in no time at all as they claimed 2 quick kills before the game had really begun – and it was Johan ‘n0tail’ Sundstein on the Chaos Knight, who was lucky enough to claim both kills. Within the first 10 minutes, OG began to put their foot on the gas, as they claimed both the top and bottom lane tier 1 towers, along with a kill lead at 2-9. With all the tier 1 towers down on the Radiant side of the map at eleven minutes, OG already looked to have a solid lead but it was still early in the game.

With only seventeen minutes passed, OG claimed the first aegis of the game and took the game even further away from the Radiant as they systematically began to remove tier 2 towers across the map. Just over twenty one minutes into the game, OG moved up to high ground and while they got the tier 3 tower in the top lane, Infamous finally woke up and took down 4 from the Dire’s line up. It was far too little too late from the South American squad as OG returned to drop 3 from their team and claim the melee barracks top lane.

OG came again, with another aegis in hand and demolished the barracks at mid lane – and even though Infamous again killed four, but it just wasn’t enough to get them ahead or keep them in a position to contend their opponents. With thirty three minutes passed, OG claimed mega creeps and the Radiant team called GG soon after.

OG took a fairly convincing victory over the South American squad, eliminating them from The International 2017 – and we hope to see Infamous again at upcoming tournaments. As for OG, they will continue on their lower bracket journey in round 2 tomorrow, determined to repeat their Frankfurt Major perfomance and climb to the top through the lower bracket, as they stated in an interview we arranged with them. You can read it here and of course watch as the teams battle for what is now a total of $24,000,000 dollars in prize money.



Can OG end their TI curse?

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